Bitshares to the moon – Are we there yet?

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Bitshares is the topic of my first post on, and I did that to show how much this cryptocurrency / altcoin means to me. Some people even take offense to it being called an altcoin. Oh, let me first explain what an altcoin is.

An Altcoin, also known as an alternate coin is any cryptocurrency that is NOT Bitcoin. So yeah, first there was Bitcoin, and anything that came afterwards is an altcoin. But why do some people take offense and Bitshares being called an altcoin? That is because Bitcoin is known as the king of all coins, thanks to it being first, and its awesome Market Cap and price. However Bitcoin has recently been suffering from its share of problems, and Bitshares solves all of those problems beautifully. More about this later.

So as I was saying, us believers has been holding hard on to this coin when it was in the lows. Many of the holders believe it will go to $10, or $100 or even beyond $330 and $342. It has already reached $0.25 $0.39, and its on its way up. We do need to consider that overall the altcoin market is going up this month. However, this is one of the few coins that is backed by the fundamentals. It has a 3 second block confirmation time, transaction fee of around a cent or less, capability to handle thousands of transactions per second and so much more. Sigh, what it lacks is Hype, that which fuels the cryptocurrency market and their prices. The race to get rich quick without providing value.

And that is why will focus on finding coins with real value!

Meet you at the moon 🙂

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