Intro to BareCrypto

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Hi there!

I am a cryptocurrency freak and follow these with a passion. I started blogging on Steemit but then decided to start my own blog, because this came with some ease like being able to categorize posts etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love Steemit. What is Steemit? That’s another article I’ll do one day. is going to be about cryptocurrency (currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitshares etc) and it is going to focus on cryptocurrency and just the fundamentals of cryptocurrency. Bare Cryptocurrency, just the way it is, without any added hype or excitement, nothing fake basically.

We’re going to have sections to help beginners and those new to cryptocurrency. No question is a stupid question, so ask freely and openly. This website will also have guides to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as safe ways to store them, and loads more.

Go on and explore the posts!

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