Bitcoin and anonymity

There is a big misconception about Bitcoin which makes people think its transactions are anonymous. Since your account address contains gibberish numbers and letters like 1KqvSRNmxoGmGDHLLivZPfeDMxhneLEBKK, you may think its impossible to link that address to you. After all if you randomly create a wallet or generate a Bitcoin address, and get these random letters,… Read more »

How to buy Bitcoin – The Bare Basics

This post is for the absolute beginners who would like to buy Bitcoins or get into cryptocurrency but don’t want to mess anything up and lose their money. This Bare Basics post will use  to buy Bitcoin, and I’ve used an example to buy Bitcoins from Pakistan. However anyone in the world can use this… Read more »

What to do when your crypto investment goes south

Bitcoin fell about 30% in what seems to be a correction (or the end of times?). In such a case do you “hodl” on to Bitcoin or do you cash out your money to fiat? What if I told you it is possible to keep your investment in cryptocurrency while keeping it pegged to USD… Read more »